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Full lenght feature March 2010 Release




Out and About: Turntable Society

The project is about the emerging Eastern European club & DJ culture. We have been shooting in Europe and US for the past 3 years.

The film explores the differences & similarities between the scenes. We explore the themes of community, asthetics, styles, history, drugs, politics of Turntable Culture and Creators .


We have gathered contributions to the project from musicians like Amon Tobin, Kenny Mitchell, Afrika Bambaata and members of Zulu Nation. Also contributions from writers/philosophers like Douglass Rushkoff, Howard Bloom & Jeff Cheng among many Eastern European stars, writers, politicians plus European & American artist collectives like Audiosfera & Dreaming.


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'Window To The East'



Filmed along Poland's former border with Russia as it becomes the border of the East and West. The documentary focuses on the changes and challenges the villagers face on Polands entry to the European Union. It is a fascinating portrait of a people on the borders of a new empire and its the impact on their lives.




















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